Our Story

Isabel Wong was born and raised in York. Her love of creativity stems from her maternal family made up of photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, artists and a whole extended family of knitters. On a trip to Hong Kong at the age of 7 and meeting her paternal grandparents for the very first time, she was shown a beautiful framed piece of art work by her great grandfather of a bridge and riverbank made almost entirely of shells. From there she knew her path was going to be a creative one.

Going through school, her interest in art never faded and she eventually ventured into fashion design at college. After completing her diploma, she went on to further her studies in fashion design where she gained her degree at the Edinburgh University College of Art. Here, Isabel's graduate collection 'Gravity & Levitation' was born. It was later showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week and she was nominated for the Innovation Award.





"The Spring/Summer 2011 collection focuses on simple silhouettes, proportion and creative cutting in an attempt to emulate the concept of levitation, gravity and weightlessness. By using this theme, the choice of materials such as translucent silk organzas and organdies have been carefully selected in order to communicate the idea of ‘lightness’ while contrasting rubber coated cottons are use to mimic the characteristics of 'gravity' through modern and wearable design. The finishings are also an important part of the processes as this is reflective of the key principles of simplicity and a clean aesthetic. The designs incorporate subtle elements of hard technological textures through innovative surface detailing of gold metal strands while still retaining the fundamental concept of gravity and levitation."