The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect Spring Summer collection

This campaign was photographed by the talented London based fashion photographer and film maker Lenart Kirbis. The photoshoot took place in Slovenia, where Lenart was originally from, and features a beautiful riverstream and landscape backdrop. Lenart and Isabel met during an international fashion show hosted by model and show director Simon Cirkulan at the country's capital Ljubljana. 


"An interpretation of the ‘Butterfly Effect’, this collection is influenced by the ‘Chaos Theory’ where minor changes result in large differences through independent, non-linear sequences. Each garment begins with the same template, whereby the final design is determined based upon subtle initial change – ultimately causing a string of events and a different outcome every time. Subtle and insignificant adjustments such as fabric choice, scale, accessory and armhole placement communicate the idea of ‘chaos’. Experimentation, creative cutting and drape, combined with the utilisation of single and multiple consistent pattern pieces, alter the course of line and its correlating events – while still retaining the simplicity in design. Layering and contrasting material suggests order, perception and unpredictability."


Photography Lenart Kirbis

Model Manca Vodopivec

MUA Sabina Gatej

MUA assistant Petra Kusterle